My exhibition, Naked Ape / Naha opice

My exhibition, Naked Ape / Naha opice opens this Thursday, Jan. 4 at Pragovka, Kolbenova 34A, Prague .. starts at 7 pm, 19h.

Naked Ape

Painting and video by
Lawrence Wells

The naked monkey goes
outside, gets cold and everybody laughs at him. Making art is the
same, it exists beyond language, it is exposed, if its any good it
takes a risk and many people don’t know what to say about it. Rather
than hide behind a mirage of intellectual theory, the art work stands
naked, often cold and lonely in the corner. As a foreign monkey, my
work is about the search for meaning in a chaotic incomprehensible
world, about colonialism, xenophobia and the problem of evil, about
man’s foolish pride and vanity in a world of naked apes. We are all
going to die one day, maybe for one moment we can open the doors,
stand naked before each other, at least once while we’re still here.
As Joseph Beuys said, “Show your wound”, because in the end,
there’s not much time.